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Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Cody for all he did. The wedding ceremonies that we attended prior to our own left us worried that we would not be happy with our officiant, and the ceremonies that we've attended since getting married have made us feel so lucky to have had Cody as our guide and host. We could not have picked someone more perfect to trust with such an essential role in our special day, and because of him, we will cherish those memories forever.

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Cody was incredibly organized and thorough with his services for our wedding. He suggested we each tell him our rendition of “our story” and was able to bring it to life during the ceremony. He created such a memorable wedding and easy experience; we didn’t have to worry about filing paperwork or setting the right tone with our vows. Cody handled everything for us and helped to make our day amazing!


There is your average wedding officiant, and then there is Cody. I could not have pictured a better person for the job. He is extremely professional and easy to be around, it felt like we have known Cody for years! Cody took the time to go over all the details with us before the wedding, ensuring there were no surprises and then executed our big day perfectly! After attending several weddings, I found some officiants to be tacky, not Cody, he is truly a class act. Cody made the planning, ceremony and filing of our license absolutely effortless. You will not regret hiring Cody for your wedding!

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Cody did an amazing job of officiating our wedding. He was so thoughtful and made our day perfect. The fact that his wife, Devin, was there to support was an added bonus. They thought of everything and made sure that we prepared for our special day. I cannot imagine our wedding day without them.

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